"Mediation has an overall 92 % Success Rate" (CEDR 10th Audit)"

Providing Professional Mediation Services, Workplace Mediation and Civil & Commercial Mediation.

Mediation Services Based In Liverpool.

Do you need a Professional Mediator? We know that it can be difficult, upsetting, and costly when there is conflict or disagreement about something that is important to you or your business. Our practice offers Civil, Commercial and Workplace Mediation services to both business and the public. 

We are based in Liverpool, but can provide Mediation Services across the U.K. 

By using a professional mediator, who is trained to facilitate constructive dialogue and help participants find their common ground, we aim to help people that disagree to work together to resolve their differences in an amicable and confidential way.

Our Mediation Services include all aspects of Civil, Commercial and Workplace mediation. We understand the complexities of workplace and business dynamics and the specific challenges faced by employees and employers.

Our practice specialisms include provision of Commercial and Workplace Mediation services to the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector and in particular the Food, Beverage, Food Ingredients and Food Flavouring industries. This is backed by a wealth of hands-on specialist business knowledge in these areas.  

Our other practice interests include Landlord and Tenant disputes and provision of Mediation services to the Music/Events and Entertainment Industries.

Please note that we do not offer Family Mediation within this practice. 

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Find out more about the different types of Mediation Services. Click here for further information on Civil and Commercial Mediation from the Civil Mediation Council website. You can also click here for more information on Workplace Mediation from the same website.

Les Norton Mediation Services Liverpool

Civil & Commercial

In Civil and Commercial Mediations, we work with people or businesses in dispute, both privately and together, to help them resolve their differences through negotiation. 

Les Norton Workplace Mediation Liverpool

Workplace Mediation

Does your business or HR department need support with Mediation services to resolve Workplace conflict or disputes? We can help. 

Les Norton Limited - Mediation For The Food and Beverage Industry

Food & Beverage

Are you a Business Owner or Manager that requires Mediation to help resolve a dispute with a supplier or customer? We can help. 

Les Norton Mediation For The Flavour and Food Ingredients Industry

Flavours & Food Ingredients 

Do you work in the Food Ingredients or Flavouring Sector and need Commercial Mediation? We have a clear understanding of the technical aspects of flavourings and ingredients and offer this as a specialism in our practice. 

Are you a Landlord or a Tenant seeking resolution through Mediation to avoid escalating a dispute? Why not contact us today?  

Landlord & Tenant Disputes

Les Norton Mediation For Landlord and Tenant Disputes Liverpool

Musicians and Bands

Are you a Musician, Band Member, Manager or Agent in the music industry that requires Mediation to resolve a dispute? Why not contact us today? 

Fixed Price Scheme

Limited budget? We can offer Fixed Fee Mediations. Find out more from the Civil Mediation Council Website.

Why mediate? 

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